#NHITWeek Day 4 : a complete picture of the patient

Today, day 4 of the National Health IT Week, another great example of a healthcare organisation realizing its vision through health IT. Read the case of the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam in the Netherlands. In order to achieve a complete picture of the patient,...


WSJ: Doctors Dig for More Data About Patients

he race is on to develop better ways to predict if patients will develop diabetes, heart disease or other critical conditions. Spurred by employers and insurers that want health-care providers to prevent illness—and not merely treat it—doctors and hospitals are creating ever more complex algorithms...


Congratulations to John & Ed !

John and Ed are back in the UK after their "to Munich and back" adventure, taking part in the Ramshackle Rally. On their epic journey through Europe in a 250 GBP car they’ve experienced memories that will last a lifetime. And even better ...